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The Framer’s Story

Why do our houses stand up in hurricanes?  5 generations of knowledge and experience go into every house we frame and build out.

The B&M Home Builders excellence started back in the late 1800’s with James Johns building turn of the century homes.  This is when you had to hand pick straight lumber and mill it yourself.  He taught his son xxnamehere who grew up framing and had a son who began framing.

Now it is 2010 and Bobby’s sons, young Robert,  William and James Johns have a familiar history. Yes, framing since birth and getting lessons that can only be learned as they are handed down from fathers to sons who become fathers with sons.  You smash your hands a few times and learn how to square up a wall and nail it tight.  Modern nail guns are a great help, the lessons from 5 generations still starts the old fashioned way with a hammer and a few nails.

Over the years we have worked with all types of framing including the new structurally insulated panels, fiber, manufactured better than wood, steele etc…

We are not another contractor looking for the first available sub to come along.  Thanks for taking the time to read about our family and our passion.  Building great homes.

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5 generations ago around a story started and here is the history.

James Andrew Johns was the first framer building homes in the Monticello Arkansas area. 1883

Virgil Lee Johns was his son and was a framing and roofing contractor.

David Lee Johns was the first family framer to come to the Houston area, Pasadena area mostly.

Robert (Bobby) Wayne Johns Sr. also in the Houston and coastal areas.
His 3 sons are carrying on the tradition. 
Robert Wayne Johns, Jr.  Robert Jr is currently serving in Afganistan.
William Anthony Johns
James Andres Johns named after the great great grandfather.

Thank you for taking a little time to learn about our family.  We look forward to building for you.