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Framing Contractor, Builder for 33 years

February 17th, 2009

B&M Home Builders started 33 years ago framing homes.  As a framing contractor, we know how important ‘what is inside the walls’ really is. B&M Home builders was founded by Robert Johns and joined by Robert Johns Jr. in 2009.  Bobby, as his friends know him, has framed and built homes using every type of framing and construction material in existence – steel, fiber, and structural insulated panels, etc..

As a company in a hurricane prone coastal area, there is no other builder or contractor with the deep personal experience in construction that knows what works.  During Hurricane IKE in 2008, many buildings were destroyed and we are proud to say that ALL of our homes are still standing.   We can’t tell you how important the construction process is to achieve this result. We can say that you have reached the most competent builder in Texas.  We build by choice in the Houston, Galveston, Surfside Beach areas.  You need to fill in our contact form to make an appointment and get the best!

Along the way our home owners have asked us to build offices for them. Therefore our Commercial Construction Department can make sure you have a strong safe office that will last.  Go ahead and contact us today!